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Magnetic pump assembly

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Magnetic pump assembly


With the rapid development of fine chemical products, especially the further implementation of the international standard ISO14000, putting an end to running, emitting, trickle and leak puts forward the higher requirements to environmental protection of chemical industry, especially to the delivery of corrosive liquid.


Magnetic pump is adopted the static seal instead of mechanical seal, packing seal and etc, thus the leakage of smaller, higher reliability, longer service life. As the magnetic pump is usually asked to long time maintenance free for 5-8 years, the materials of magnetic pump shaft component are made strict demands. Such as in pump of the pump shaft, thrust button, shaft sleeve after assembly, they must have the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and no leakage. Now, the SSIC ceramics has become one of the most suitable choice materials with oxidation resistance, high hardness, high strength, good chemical corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, and high temperature resistance.


With excellent wear and corrosion resistance, our productions of SSIC pump parts are particularly suitable for strong acid and strong base corrosive medium with particles transport process. Welcome the friends at home and abroad to our company: Handan Rongqiang Industrial Ceramic Co., Ltd.


(Handan Rongqiang Industrial Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

Address: No. 20 Pengxin Road, Fengfeng Mining Area, Handan City, Hebei

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